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Kidney Stone Surgery

The physicians of N.E.O. Urology are skilled at minimally invasive treatment options for patients suffering from kidney stones. We utilize the latest technology to perform complex ureteroscopy for difficult to treat stones. In addition, we offer shock wave lithotripsy as a non-invasive treatment option. Our physicians are also trained in percutaneous renal surgery and robotic pyleolithotomy for larger, staghorn kidney stones.

We also specialize in proactive kidney stone prevention based on your specific condition. We provide specialized testing for patients with recurrent kidney stones. Most people can minimize risk of further stones with diet or medication.

We know how difficult dealing with a kidney stone can be for a patient. We will make every attempt to address your needs when you are going through a kidney stone crisis – sometimes with same day appointments if possible. Call our office at (330) 729-9214 or email us at to allow our dedicated physicians to help you through this process.

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